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Here I "puke" as beautifully as possible whatever I want to express.

Summer time.
Un Verano en Batopilas.
En el viejo oeste #tombstone
This is how a cooper mine looks like after extracting the metal… :/
Apache Gaūn Dancers in 1906.
Fairies in America

In the love famine!

First of all, if you cannot link relationship, monogamy, sex, care, respect, loyalty, fidelity, friendship, love and love and love in the same sentence… please do not try to reply nor to message. Do not waste my time.

I am a normal and educated guy with an utopic dream about finding a normal and interesting guy to share a lifetime with.

First tell me what you think about poverty or about your favourite film director instead of showing me your dick or asking me about if I have a place to meet… or in the worst of the circumstances we can talk about your favourite pop singer… at least. DO NOT send just a hi message, be interesting please.

In my pictures…. I appear on them or I took them, I like natural places as you can see. Hmmm as you would think, I expect at least one picture of your face. Yes dude, the rule applies, no pic no reply haha.

If sex is your target please do not lose your time with me.

But I won’t deny that a sexy body and a gorgeous face with the right attitude are worth it to see and even to break some rules, it normally does not happen, most of cases fail. But I am made of flesh and bones, I am a human being… I need to do some things sometimes! haha Just we need to make it classy, and I said classy not girly. …and also interesting, de favor.

And please if you are that arrogant that you want to be just worshiped because you have the greatest body in town, the most gorgeous face or the greatest number of footprints in this stupid website, please fuck off too. lol. I want normal and a bit good looking people not adicted to PR crap jaja. At the end and with the years that beauty will be gone.

DON’T, YES DO NOT LEAVE FOOTPRINTS HAHAHA. *deep inside i want a revolution. hahaha.

I am gaining experience in how things work in this site… I hope soon that utopic dream is achieved! jajaja (silly me maybe).

One last thing… are we responsable? are we playing safe?? When was the last time you got HIV tested? just saying… just saying….


After the serious stuff, now here are some cool facts about PR (in my perspective and experience).

- Facebook was a time killer for me… but after knowing that in Tamil Nadu and in India in general the only way to know gay people was through this network, I had to discover the most time consuming website in history. Hahaha

- You can be looking for whatever… but you will be spending hours and hours of your time here, during this time you could be caught in the following situations:

1.Looking at profiles and memorising their nicknames, supposed dick sizes, faces and everything possible)

2.Picturing yourself with that hot guy in a nice date or in the wildest sex scene ever seen in a XXX movie (depending what you are looking for)

3.Jerking off

4.Thinking about working out and start a rigorous diet

5.Sharing it to your friends and asking for advises

6.Laughing so hard also with other friends about some crazy profiles

7.Suddenly your friends get so curious that they start looking at pictures by themselves and at the end they say…. I think this guy does not shower that often and you explode in laughs jajajaj

8.Then your friends question you about: you think this guy will get something with these pictures… and then you say, yes dude the hidden gay world is way too different to normal quality standards. SAD.

9.Looking for your ex in other parts of the world

10.Looking to profiles in other countries just to see how people there look like…. Lol.

- Dick sizes (the IMAGINARY measures of them) vary a lot between different people. A dick in this part of the planet might be big and in other might be small… haha so it is SOOOOO relative. And yes, saying small is something to scary. Non of us would like to share that information. (if you have it like that please just lie, the argument about sizes in different parts of the world will work if someone asks.)

- Here sex is so available that it looks cheap and of bad taste. Please raise your standards, make it a bit exclusive lol.

- The best part comes when you get to know your first liar. People can lie about basically everything. Some of them are really good at it I have to accept. Good job guys!

- One of my favourite ones: You log in with the hope that that guy replied…. and he did!!!! and then you even dance la macarena or something as a matter of congratulate yourself! Lol. And (while dancing) you scream: Yes yes yes he replied!

- No matter how many times you write in your profile no pic no reply, they will still talk to you with no pics. The sad part is that even you send messages to profiles with no pics asking for pics cuz you are desperate jajaja. Being there done that.

- No matter how you say that “Hi messages” are terrible you will always get a magical “Hi” daily jajaja.

- You needed to buy an agenda to write down the dates you have on the next month. Lol.

- It is interesting; today you could have had the wildest fuck with the guy that yesterday fucked the same guy that you did last week… Is it just me or that feels a bit awkward?

-Pr crap is bad just like macdonalds but still i wont ever refuse a quarter pounder. At least macdo has quality standards, this crap doesnt.

-Even If you have said that you are not looking for sex people will invite you to have group sex??? WTF? lol. That is just a JOKE. (But yes PR is about liying so it makes sence to assume it will work and might be hot for some people, silly me again and again)

-You even love and remember some headlines, I remember one that was like: I login to PR and I got bored, I logout and I was bored also so I login again… jajaja WHTF? dude get a life :) just kidding I do it too. ^^

- You can have a reputation of a good fucker or a bad one. That is a turn on obviously right? Jaja It would be like, hey my friend told me that you fuck amazing can you just fuck me in the same way? yes I like the same stuff we watch the same porn together. …. what? I think I am just too old school to find it cool lol.

- The footprint competition is amazing I have been following it and it is SOMETHING, definitely. They can be seen like [Footprint = 2 x Chance to get laid] hahaha WTF? Everyone wants to be the NUMBER ONE! Jajaja why? Well cuz fame is something everyone is starving for. If I cannot be dancing in Bollywood, at least let’s give it a try as “The Best DICK in Town” lol. Please call me TBDIT jajaja.

- I like to know what people like to reveal in their profiles it tells you a lot about them. Haha This is creepy sometimes.

- Dicks and assholes can be so disgusting; I had never felt like that when thinking about those parts of our body. haha.

- Watch out how and with whom you play, the world is so small and more in this gay community :)

- No one has being tested for HIV. That is something that should be changed. Dude you are really sexually active. Please do it for the others also.

- I need to learn how to use PR properly I don’t want to keep being used by this website. I want my time back. Like the old days.

BTW (jajaja is hahaha in spanish since J has the sound of H in english) jajaja We are a Joke all together. Please lets just laugh at us for a while and after “yes Ping me”. My mother tongue is Spanish*


Today I think that no matter in which stage or level or point of life u are… You will always keep learning… This action will always be part of our life and the beauty of it is that it can be done alone, through other person or group of people, no matter age or social class or level of wisdom or intelligence or ANYTHING! :) !
A guest in the house
This is one of my best memories from India